M&A Advisory Services With Superior Industry Knowledge

Sports M&A
  •  Financo’s Sports M&A Group is an industry innovator in identifying stakes in professional sports teams that are for sale, which are rarely known to the public.
  • We focus primarily on ownership opportunities in MLB, NFL, and NBA teams, but we are also networked to other participation opportunities throughout the sports world (e.g., NHL, MLS, minor leagues, international sports).
  • The Financo team has superior proprietary knowledge of the sports’ team ownership and valuation landscape through an extensive network and focused due diligence.  We can identify more opportunities, assess the most accurate fair market values, and enhance the odds of successfully consummating transactions.
  • Sports sector deals are among the most highly sensitive in the M&A world.  Financo’s team works with many of the most iconic brands and highest profile individuals in the sector – and is well-regarded for maintaining the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.